Friday, September 28, 2012

LIfe in Japan

Sorry that I haven't written anything in while, but it has been about a week since I arrived in Japan and I am still adjusting to the atmosphere here. First of all, it's really hot during the day! I mean, man! In Bulgaria it was so cold, that I thought that winter is coming and here is like in the middle of the summer. It's great that I have an air conditioner in my room. Otherwise I wouldn't have survived until now :D
Ever since I arrived at the airport everything has been new and so interesting to me! It's so much different from Bulgaria. Right now I am in Minoo, where I will be studying, which means that I am not in the big city. The Minoo campus of the Osaka university is a really great place, the only problem is that I have to walk about 15 minutes up the hill to get there. I usually don't mind walking, but it's really tiring, when it's hot and I get really sweaty and I don't feel really good about it.
The past week has been all about dealing with documents and getting orientations about the university life, the subjects and the program itself. We had a placement test and I have to say, I did quite well and this means that I can choose to study the subjects I like. So basically, this week was a rush. I had to go and register my address, I had to open a bank account, I had to buy a lot of things for my room (and now I have a money problem XD), I had to write a bunch of essays and complete some questioners, to go through a placement test and an interview and so on. Now you see why I haven't written anything up until now.
Actually I haven't moved much around the town. I have walked around to learn the surroundings like shops and so on, but I still haven't been to Osaka. I plan to go there on Sunday with the other Bulgarians, though. Everything here is so new and amazing that I really don't have to go much far to be astonished.
 At the Kansai Airport

Osaka streets

 My room
My room. I have a table now, but it still looks empty
My room
 View from my room

 View form my room
 View from my room

The entrance to Osaka University Minoo Campus

This is where I live

The road to the Campus
 CJLC, the building where I study
 Big spiders everywhere!

 The new Rurouni Kenshin manga - Rurouni Kenshin Kinema-ban
And of course Bulgarian yogurt and some chocolate

That's about it for now. Expect more soon :)

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