Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aniventure 2012 - artwork and books

There was a lot of artwork and many artists on Aniventure 2012 and here are the ones who were most interesting for me:
The Artist's alley
At the Artist's alley I saw four of my favourite artists on deviantArt. Here are links to their galleries:
I bought a lot of stickers and bookmarks from them. They are ally awesome. Be sure to check them out.
 This is the book, where the winners of the Manga contest and the winner of the Fanfic contest were published.
First place of the Manga contest was taken by Kalin Popov and his story Endless Darkness (Безкрайна тъмнина). It was interesting to read, although there were some things that weren't very well explained. The artwork is not bad, but this guy definitely has some trouble shading and every panels looks kind of unfinished and reminded me more of a sketch. 
Second place was taken by Yana Lyapova and her story Graveyard Stories (Гробищни истории). Actually, this was the one I liked the most from the contest this year. The story is interesting and well told and her artwork is really cute. There are some panels that look kind of unfinished, but as a whole it's really well made. 
Third place was taken by Alexandra Stryaskova and her story Little London Witch. The artworks is pretty average and the story is cliche and I think that she might have had some trouble with the scanning, because the pages of the manga look weird. To see more of her artwork you can visit her gallery -
The award of the Fanfic contest was given to Nadejda Ivanova Georgieva and her story Dreams and Reality (Мечти и реалност), which is based on Naruto. I am not a Naruto fan, but I really loved this fanfic, because it's so different and well written. 
In this book you can also find artwork by the following artists:
The white haired female mascot on the cover of the book was drawn by
 Co-Mixer is a very interesting project, that features Bulgarian comics, which i really liked. It has only two issues for now and every issue consists of a number of comics on a certain theme, for example the theme for number two is second hand.
For more information on the artists and Co-Mixer itself, please visit their blog -
Bulgaria Cosplay Book was created by Lyubena Fox and Georgi Teofilov. It features five Bulgarian cosplayers:
Lybena Fox as Megurine Luka  from Vocaloid and Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown
Irina Tsapreva as Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid
Alexander Hawkins as Akira from Togainu no Chi and Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight
Ayame Midori as Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken
Kalina Marinova as Tira from Soul Calibur
I hope they make more like this with more pages and more cosplayers in the future, because even though this one is well made, its too short.
You can find some of the pictures, which were in the book in Lubena Fox's gallery -
For more information about Aniventure you can visit the following web pages:

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