Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Manga and Typhoon

I really should start writing daily posts. There are so many things happening around me right now and I want to talk about them, but I don't have much free time.
So last Saturday my senpai and I went to find the famous bookstore, called Book Off. It was actually quite far and we walked about 3 hours to reach it (including constants stops to see some shops or rest). Book off is one of the best places I've ever been to. It's the otaku paradise. The whole first floor is about manga and most of it costs 105 yen (about a euro or a dollar), which is really cheap. And you can find almost everything you are searching for there! It's really awesome. We were inside for about 2 hours, looking around and being amazed. They are selling whole series together and if you buy manga like that it gets a lot cheaper. For example 40 volumes of Inuyasha were about 3000 yen (about 30 dollars) and 15 volumes of Mars were 1000 yen (about 10 dollars), which is extremely cheap.
The behaviour of the Japanese people inside Book off was also quite interesting to watch. Most of them take a volume of manga and start reading it. They don't move and they don't even seem to be breathing. They just push themselves to a corner, trying to take as less space as possible and keep turning the pages until they finish the volume they have taken.
On Sunday we (the Bulgarian students in Osaka University) wanted to go to Osaka and we all gathered in one of the buildings, where students live. I remember how we used to joke a few years ago that in Japan you can find free manga practically everywhere. Well this turned out to be somewhat true. On the first floor of the building, where we gathered, 4 or 5 boxes of manga were just left there and you can just take whatever you like. So I of course took a lot of manga :D About 40 volumes maybe. I will look through them and I plan to return whatever I don't like and keep what I like.
So actually we didn't go to Osaka, because it started to rain and then the rain turned into a typhoon. We went to Kita Senri, were we had lunch and browsed through a 100 yen store. On the way back, though the typhoon had gotten really strong. We couldn't see it from the bus, but when we got off we noticed how strong the wind was and we ran to the nearest building. My new umbrella just broke in my hands, because of the wind. It was a really interesting experience.
So classes started on Monday and I want to tell you more about them, but it's a lot so I will try to write a new post tomorrow. 

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