Saturday, September 14, 2013


This post will be basically about a few announcements I want to make.
So first of all, I'm going home next week. I spent exactly an year in Japan and it was amazing. You probably have seen all my posts with photos and figures and what not from Japan. There are a few more pictures that I would like to upload and I will do that very soon. So my flight is next Saturday and I am expected to arrive in Bulgaria on Sunday morning. I really can't wait to see all my friends and catch up with all the comics and manga, that have been released, since I came here.
Speaking of manga, the next announcement I want to make is about the new manga releases in Bulgaria.
Artline Studios, who started publishing Naruto and One Piece, have announced that they will start to publish Tite Kubo's manga Bleach and Ikeda Akihisa's manga Rosario to Vampire at the begining of 2014. I am not really into the ecchi and harem genre, so I guess I won't be getting Rosario to Vampire. I actually got a look at it this morning and I couldn't even stand through one chapter. It's definitely not my style. However, I am really looking forward to seeing Bleach on the Bulgarian comics market. I really love the first arc of the story and I find Tite Kubo's artwork amazing. I'm actually reading Bleach since my second year in high school and I was really into it at the time. I hope the translation is good.
That's it for now. Expect my final uploads from Japan soon.


  1. О, успешно завръщане :) Нямам търпение да прочета ако мислиш да правиш някакво цялостно ревю на престоя си там?

    1. Благодаря :) Малко ще ми е трудно да събера всичките си впечатления от Япония в един пост, но ще опитам.