Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday presents from Japan

The birthday cards I received ^^

So it was my birthday a few weeks back and I'd like to show what present I received from my awesome friends here in Japan. They even made me a birthday party ^^

Neko Basu form Tonari no Totoro
 You can take Totoro out!
 A close-up of the two Totoros.

 This little guy starts to spin his head, when exposed to light.

 These are the presents that my fiancee brought, when he came to visit me in Japan. I actually asked him not buy me anything, because I didn't want to bring it back with all my luggage. So, he bought me a bookmark (which I really love (I'm a bookmark freak)) and a two Kinder Surprise eggs (you can guess what was in the eggs).
 This is a really awesome owl pocket watch. I had some trouble with a certain pocket watch a while back, so my friends decided that it would be a good idea to buy me one and I'm really glad that they did. I love it and I have it on me everywhere I go. 

This is a sushi strap that I won at the kaiten sushi, where we went for my birthday.
And finally this little plant, that I received. I'm not rally good with plants, but I'll try to keep it alive as long as possible. :D

PS: Thank you guys! It was a really awesome birthday!

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